I often snack on unhealthy treats (crisps, chocolate etc)

Why don\’t you try? : How to snack more healthily

Surprising 100-calorie snacks you can make at home
With these surprising 100-calorie snacks you can enjoy some of the nation\’s favourite treats without derailing your diet.
From British classics like cheese toasties to sophisticated smoked salmon and cream cheese parcels, you can enjoy these popular snacks while staying in control of your calories.

Most of these low-calorie bites, require only 3 ingredients and take less than 5 minutes to prepare.

Cheese and tomato toastie & 93kcal (390kJ)
! Cheese and tomato toastie A slimmed-down but no less scrumptious version of an all-time British classic. Simply chop the tomato and spring onion, sprinkle them over a slice of crispbread, cover with grated cheese and place under a pre-heated grill for a couple of minutes.

  • 1 wholegrain crispbread: 39kcal (164kJ)
  • 15g grated 30%-less-fat mature cheese: 47kcal (197kJ)
  • 40g tomato: 7kcal (29kJ)
  • An optional sprinkling of chopped spring onion (calories nominal)

\’3-fruit\’ fruit salad & 102kcal (428kJ)
3-Fruit salad Refreshing and easy to make, this \”3-fruit\” fruit salad, which includes store-cupboard-friendly tinned pineapple, provides 2.5 portions of your recommended 5 A Day.

  • 50g seedless black grapes, cut in half: 30kcal (126kJ)
  • 50g diced apple: 26kcal (109kJ)
  • 100g chopped tinned pineapple in juice: 46kcal (193kJ)

Cheese and pickle canapes & 100kcal (420kJ)
Cheese and pickle canapes Enjoy these party nibbles without breaking the calorie bank. Use a potato peeler to get melt-in-your-mouth, wafer-thin cheese slices, and top with gherkin slices and pickle.

  • 3 water biscuits: 42kcal (176kJ)
  • 15g 30%-less-fat mature cheddar: 46kcal (193kJ)
  • 30g gherkin: 4kcal (17kJ)
  • 6g (1tsp) pickle: 8kcal (34kJ)

Apple and peanut butter & 96kcal (403kJ)
Apple and peanut butter Craving something crunchy and nutty? Fresh apple slices and peanut butter are the perfect combination to keep you going until your next main meal.

  • 50g sliced apple: 26kcal (109kJ)
  • 12g (1tsp) peanut butter: 70kcal (294kJ)
  • Optional sprinkling of cinnamon (calories nominal)

Baked beans on toast & 99kcal (416kJ)
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