Charity, Employment, Reduction or End to Your Caring Role

I no longer provide care to my loved ones but I miss helping others

I no longer provide care to my loved ones but I miss helping others

Why don’t you try? : How to help others after a caring role ends

If you have some spare time, and feel you are ready to take on something new, you may be interested in volunteering.
As well as offering much needed help to local people or organisations, volunteering can be a very social activity, and can be a good way to meet new people.
Volunteering opportunities can range from befriending older or disabled people, offering your skills to a local charity (for example, administration, fundraising, legal advice etc.), to helping out on a local conservation project.
The website Do-It holds many volunteer opportunities and is searchable by subject as well as postcode.

Many former carers go on to become great campaigners, championing the role of carers in society, and standing up for carers’ rights. They bring their valuable experiences with them, knowing without question the many challenges that carers may face.
If you want to get involved you could contact your local carer’s organisation to find out if you can help out.

Your local council and health authority may also welcome the input of carers in the planning and development of services for carers in your area.

Source: Carers UK
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Book an appointment with a member of the Bridgit Carer Coach team, Ask the local community groups about places to go to, maybe via social media or online forums, Speak and share your feelings with your family and friends and close support network, Research volunteering opportunities in your area,

You can visit the Bridgit Shop at anytime to find our what products and services can support you.

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