I feel loneliest at certain times of the year such as Christmas and birthdays

Why don\’t you try? : Try these suggestions for dealing with loneliness during the holiday season

The holiday season is generally thought of as a time of joy and love, but for many people, it\’s a time of loneliness. Some people live far from family and miss seeing their loved ones this time of year; others dread going to holiday parties and New Year\’s Eve celebrations and end up staying home. Even those with an abundance of friends and family nearby may feel more lonely this year with restrictions on travel and gatherings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Be Good to Yourself

While it may not completely erase feelings of loneliness, taking special care of yourself can help you to feel better and enjoy your solitude more. Whether you take a relaxing bath and give yourself spa treatments, curl up with a good book, enjoy a hobby, or learn something new, doing something for yourself is a form of self-care that is especially important during difficult times.

Understand That You\’re Not Alone

While you may be feeling alone in your life right now, know that you\’re not alone: The holidays can be a lonely time for many. Some people wish they could be with family, but can\’t; others mourn the relationships with family that they wish they had or long for closer connections with friends. Similarly, some may wish for a supportive romantic relationship and find themselves feeling especially isolated during the holidays

Rethink Your Expectations

Part of why holidays feel more lonely for many people is that our society has high expectations for this time of year. The absence of a romantic partner or a close family seems magnified during this busy time when we\’re all supposed to be going to parties, exchanging gifts, and enjoying jolly feelings with loved ones.

Get Connected

You may feel lonely when surrounded by people, but it\’s harder to feel lonely when you\’re reaching out to them. Whether you\’re saying hello to neighbours, exchanging friendly words with people at the office, writing holiday cards, or picking up the phone and calling an old friend you haven\’t spoken to in a while, reaching out to people and strengthening bonds can help you feel more connected and less lonely. This may be a time to message people over social media whose statuses you usually simply \”like,\” and catch up on old friendships.

Cultivate Gratitude

There are many far-reaching benefits to practicing gratitude. One easy antidote to feelings of lack is to cultivate feelings of gratitude for what you have; it\’s hard to focus on both at once.5
If you\’re feeling a lack of love in your life, make a concerted effort to focus on the love that you do have from friends, family, neighbours, and even pets. You can also focus on things you really value in your life like your work, hobbies, or even your potential.

Give to Others

One particularly meaningful way to feel less lonely during the holidays is to donate your time to a cause you believe in. Helping others who are less fortunate can fill you with feelings of love and pride.
Perhaps someone in your community lost their job amidst the coronavirus pandemic and can use a little extra goodwill this year. Drop off an unexpected gift on their doorstep, or reach out to find out if they\’re having trouble affording a specific present for a little one on their list.

Examine Your Feelings

Though this particular exercise probably won\’t make you feel better immediately, if you feel lonely much of the time, this may be a sign that some changes are in order for the coming year. You may want to examine what\’s behind your feelings of loneliness, either on your own or with the help of a therapist. There are many ways to connect with a therapist online right now, so you don\’t even have to leave your home.
Would you benefit from putting more time into your social life so that you have stronger relationships? Is something inside of you causing you to keep people at a distance? If you\’d like to deepen your friendships, it can cost a little extra time and energy, but the payoff is having increased support and feelings of being heard and understood.

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Here\’s a tip for you to try this week :

Try to book in an event or activity or visit to a friend at your trigger times of the year to distract you from any negative and lonely thoughts you may have

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