I eat too many takeaways

Why don\’t you try? : Make your takeaways a little healthier

Try these 6 Tips to make your next takeaway a little healthier:

1. Lose the extras
The simplest way to make your family\’s takeaway healthier: ditch the dips, stuffed crusts or extra cheese. They add lots of calories, so just stick to the delicious main dish!

2. Eyes on the size
Watch out for the portion size when ordering, and try to say no to \”going large\”. Check how many people each dish can feed & you might be surprised!

3. The devil is in the detail
Anything \”battered\” or \”crispy\” is usually deep-fried and can be really high in fat. Creamy sauces can be too & so swap a Thai green curry for a stir-fry, or switch the korma for a madras or jalfrezi.

4. Trim toppings
Pick healthier veggie toppings like chopped peppers and mushrooms for your pizza or burrito. They add extra crunch and flavour, and also count towards your 5 A Day & win-win!

5. Veg it up
Take this great opportunity to get extra veg into your kids\’ day! Add baked beans or mushy peas to your order of fish and chips, or try a side of delicious saag aloo or tarka daal with your curry.
6. Don\’t forget the drinks!
If you\’re ordering drinks, swap sugary colas and other fizzy drinks for lower-sugar ones. Switching to sugar-free cola can cut out 9 cubes of sugar!

Or, if you have a little more time on your hands, why not try and cook your own fakeaway at home? Change4Life has some great simple recipes for making some of your takeaway favourites at home , such as fish and chips, pizza and vegetable jalfrezi.

Source: NHS
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Here\’s a few tips for you to try this week :

Reduce your takeaways to one per week or one per month as a payday treat.

Create your own takeaway meal version at home.

Cook a meal from scratch and freeze it for later in the week.

Access the change4life.co.uk website for useful information about the best foods to eat,

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