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I don’t really like or eat whole-grains

Why don’t you try? : Try to eat more wholegrains

Image: NHS website Wholegrain varieties of starchy foods and potatoes (particularly when eaten with their skin on) are good sources of fibre.

Potato skins, wholegrain bread and breakfast cereals, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta are all good sources of this kind of fibre.
Fibre can help keep your bowels healthy and can help you feel full, which means you’re less likely to eat too much.
This makes wholegrain starchy foods and potatoes eaten with their skin on a particularly good choice if you’re trying to lose weight.
Some types of fibre found in fruits and vegetables & such as apples, carrots, potatoes & and in oats and pulses can be partly digested and may help reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood.

Tips for eating more starchy foods
These tips can help you increase the amount of starchy foods in your diet.


  • Choose wholegrain cereals, or mix some in with your favourite healthy breakfast cereals.
  • Plain porridge with fruit makes a warming winter breakfast.
  • Whole oats with fruit and low-fat, lower-sugar yoghurt makes a tasty summer breakfast.

Lunch and dinner

  • Try a baked potato for lunch & eat the skin for even more fibre.
  • Instead of having chips or frying potatoes, try making oven-baked potato wedges.
  • Have more rice or pasta and less sauce & but do not skip the vegetables.
  • Try breads such as seeded, wholemeal or granary. When you choose wholegrain varieties, you’ll also increase the amount of fibre you’re eating.
  • Try brown rice & it makes a very tasty rice salad.

Source: NHS

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Try at least one new food this month, Eat at least one new wholegrain each day for a week, Try something which contains wholegrains this week such as 50/50 bread,

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