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I don’t have any hobbies

I don’t have any hobbies

Why don’t you try? : Find a new hobby

Hobbies help us grow as a person. The best way to have a new hobby is to try something new. All of us are unique, and this is the reason why our hobbies and interests are different. Once we find an activity we are passionate about, we can explore that activity more. When you get hooked, you will realize that your hobby has become an integral part of your life. Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and refreshes us.

Hobbies help us to manage our leisure and unplanned time more productively. It also affords you the opportunity to learn new skills in your work. But these are not the only benefits of having a hobby:

  • Increases confidence
  • Allows you to de-stress
  • Helps you socialize

Source: Columbia

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Write down what you enjoy and are interested in, what was it you enjoy most about these?, Look in your local area for hobbies which incorporate the same values. Examples of hobbies could be knitting, photography or painting,

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