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I’ve lost interest in exercise

I’ve lost interest in exercise

Why don’t you try? : Find ways to rediscover your motivation for exercise

Being a carer can require the majority of your effort and attention. Over time this can result in having little interest in other activities, especially activities that involve physical exertion. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you can take steps to find that motivation once again.

Getting excited about exercise
Have a look through this list of ways to motivate yourself to break a slump and build up some excitement about your workout:

1. Bring Your Gym Bag to Work & If you carry your bag along with you, it’s a lot easier to head to the gym on your way to work, or home from work, as opposed to changing at home.

2. Workout with a Partner & Having someone else to workout with can help motivate you to exercise and work harder while you exercise.

3. Sign up for a Fitness Newsletter & Getting daily, or weekly fitness and nutrition tips can help motivate you to exercise because you will have a constant reminder.

4. Create a SMART Goal & Consider creating one big goal that is smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound and that motivates you to exercise. The vision of this goal is very exciting to you.

5. Create Weekly Goals & while a long term goal is helpful, weekly goals like losing 1lb per week. tracking with Monday Morning weigh-ins can make reaching your long term goal more manageable.

6. Follow a Workout Plan & If you have no idea what to do when you exercise and you have no idea what affect that exercise is having, you will be a lot less motivated to workout. Having a solid workout plan to follow can be very helpful.

7. Surround Yourself with Active Friends & hanging out with like-minded friends will create a physical lifestyle and these friends will be less likely to peer pressure you to skip a workout.

8. Attend a Weekly Fitness Class & keeping your workouts social, this way you have people you look forward to seeing and can build a friendship with through fitness class.

9. Make a Workout Playlist & put together songs that energize you when you listen to them. Change up the playlist every few weeks so the playlist stays fresh and motivating.

10. Don’t Think, Put Your Shoes On, & Start & We all have tough days, but if you put on your shoes and start moving, you can usually get through the mentally/physically tough part of the workout and find your groove.

11. Set Mini-Goals & if you’re running and not in the mood to keep going, set a mini-goal like running to the end of the block. Once you get there, re-assess. Sometimes you’ll completely forget you didn’t want to workout in the first place.

12. Create a Warm-Up Routine & making a warm-up (pre-workout) routine or ritual can help get your brain into the mindset of working out. It could be a combination of foam rolling, dynamic stretches, jump rope or jumping jacks, and some bodyweight exercises.

13. You often Regret What You Didn’t Do & this means, you’re more likely to regret NOT going to the gym than if you go.

14. Only 20 Minutes & often times it’s easy to justify not going to the gym. Just tell yourself, I’ll go for only 20 minutes. Sometimes 20 minutes is all you have and that’s fine, but more often, going for 20 minutes leads to a good 55 minute workout.

15. Create a Challenge with a Friend or Yourself & if it’s with yourself, make the challenge less about the end result and more about the habits you want to create. If it’s with a friend, definitely make it something measurable.

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Here are a few tips for you to try this week :

  • Within the next week try 1 new physical activity.
  • Spend some time to understand what has made you lose interest.
  • Get a friend or relative involved in exercising with you to give you added motivation and boosts when you need it.

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