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Is there anything available for carers to help me keep physically fit?

Is there anything available for carers to help me keep physically fit?

Why don’t you try? : Register with your GP as a carer

Let your GP know
Your GP (General Practitioner) and primary care team can provide you with invaluable support, advice and information.
A helpful starting point to getting the support you need as a carer is to let your GP know. There are also many services that can support you to look after your own health including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, continence advisers and dieticians which they can direct you to.

What should I tell my GP?
Tell your GP that you have caring responsibilities as soon as possible. They can then record this on your medical records.
If they know you are a carer and likely to be under pressure at times, they will be able to offer more tailored advice and, if necessary, provide more support when they diagnose and treat you in the future. GPs in England are being urged to adopt new measures dedicated to ensuring young carers are offered flu vaccinations, regular health check ups and mental health screening routinely. We hope this initiative will also be extended more widely in the UK and to adult carers. You could ask your GP or local practice for more information.

If you’re a carer, your GP could help

  • Provide information and advice on:
  • Medical conditions of and treatments for the person you care for to help you feel more confident in your caring role.
  • Services provided by the NHS such as continence services and patient transport to hospital appointments.
  • Other sources of support and advice. This could include the social services department and local voluntary agencies.
  • Arrange home visits to you or the person you care for if your caring responsibilities make it difficult to attend appointments at the surgery.
  • Arrange ‘double’ appointments for both you and the person you care for at the same time to avoid having to visit the surgery twice.
  • Arrange for repeat prescriptions to be delivered to your local pharmacy to save you picking them up.
  • Provide supporting letters and information to enable you and the person you care for to access benefits such as Attendance Allowance or a blue badge scheme.

Health check-ups
Life can become very hectic especially if you have lots of caring responsibilities, but it’s important not to neglect your own health needs. Attending appointments, check-ups and screenings is vital for yourself as well as any loved ones.

If you are ill or have health concerns
Carers sometimes carry on regardless through coughs, flu, stomach upsets and worse; but don’t put off seeing your doctor if you feel faint or dizzy or have unexplained or prolonged pains. Seeing your doctor can lead to the problem being dealt with more quickly and effectively. Even with minor illnesses, try and take some time to rest. Your body will have a better chance of making a quick recovery and you will have less chance of the illness lingering on.

Source: Carers UK
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

  • Register with your GP as a carer to receive free health checks, free flu jabs and the COVID vaccine.
  • Speak to your GP about speaking to a health trainer.
  • Book a Carers Assessment with your local authority and see if you are eligible for gym/leisure facilities or exercise class access.

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