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I’m too busy to fit in exercise during my day, I have too many things to do

I’m too busy to fit in exercise during my day, I have too many things to do

Why don’t you try? : Find time to exercise

Exercising with a Busy Schedule
Finding the time, money or energy to get active can be hard at the best of times. Now it feels more important than ever to look after ourselves. The simple message is that physical activity delivers immediate mental health and social benefits and has a long-term positive impact on our physical health.

There are lots of simple and free ways to become more active and these activities can be fitted into your day, as and when you get the chance, alongside your caring.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t have much time to dedicate to yourself at the moment or if you’re not able to follow your usual activity routine. Every minute counts – doing some physical activity is good, but if you can take part in more that’s even better.

Find an online fitness guru that suits you
Popular trainers like Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), Yoga with Adriene or The Girl with the Pilates Mat have YouTube channels with a variety of videos available to play for free at any time that suits you.

Exercising with your loved one
Have a look at 10 Today. They have a series of 10 minute audio and video routines designed to easily fit into your day, and they have been specially designed to be suitable for older people as well, so you and your loved one can get involved together.

Source: Carers UK
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Here’s a few tips for you to try this week :

  • Schedule your days this week to allow for some free time to exercise.
  • Split your exercise into 10 minute workouts slotted into your day.
  • Try using exercise as a form of activity to do with the one you care for, such as swimming or walking together,

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