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I’m feeling overwhelmed

I’m feeling overwhelmed

Why don’t you try: Preventing or Stopping Emotional Overwhelm

Preventing or Stopping Emotional Overwhelm

No matter the reason, if you feel the onset of overwhelm, there are some ways to help address the emotions both on your own and by leveraging outside support.

1. Accept the anxious feelings

Fighting off all-consuming emotions likely doesn’t do much to ease them in a particularly anxious moment.

Try to remember that anxiety, to a certain degree, is a normal part of the human experience and use acceptance as a tool to work through those uncomfortable feelings (when possible).

2. Reverse your overwhelmed thought processes

Feelings of unpredictability and complete despair fuel overwhelm.

Those unreasonable thoughts build up as anxiety and can cause a person significant distress. Stop those damaging thoughts before they become habitual ruminations by honestly asking yourself if that way of thinking is unreasonable or unhelpful. At the same time, try to find alternative, more positive thoughts.

3. Take some deep breaths

When you consciously breathe in deep, it triggers your body’s relaxation response and can come in handy during particularly stressful moments. Additionally, practicing yoga, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation can help calm your body’s response to anxiety, as each exercise helps you to focus your breath.

4. Be in the moment

If your thinking is focused on what the future holds, whether in a few minutes or several years down the road, it may make you more susceptible to becoming overwhelmed.

Think about one moment, task, and experience at a time, in the present moment, to help remove the possibility of uncontrollable thoughts that may or may not come about.

5. Know your resources

Besides breathing and meditation techniques to help prevent overwhelm, there is plenty of scientific research available about how stress and anxiety impact our cognitive abilities.

To strengthen your ability to manage those feelings, discover what studies and recommendations resonate with you by using online search tools.

How Therapy Can Help You Manage Overwhelm

When you are not able to prevent overwhelming thoughts or feelings, therapy is a helpful way to address your response to them.

In therapy, a qualified professional is able to help you sort through the issues causing your stress or anxiety and better understand its root causes.

When you gain a solid understanding of what stressors and situations trigger this uncomfortable mental state, it helps cultivate a calmer frame of mind in the future.

When looking for the right type of therapy to manage overwhelming experiences, there are different types of practices to consider.

Certain forms of therapy incorporate meditation, hypnosis, and centring techniques to help teach people to soothe themselves during times of distress. In addition, a therapist may also recommend journal therapy or physical exercise, which are also found to help prevent emotional overwhelm.

While there is no way to determine what life has in store at any given moment, there are ways to build up mental strength to better take on life’s challenges and build resiliency.

When you take time to learn what triggers stress and anxious thoughts, you can better manage overwhelming experiences before they occur.

With the right tools and hard work, you can help minimize the occurrence and impact of becoming overwhelmed.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week:

Try not to use alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or drugs to relieve stress as these can all contribute to poor mental health.

Try talking to your support network about how you are feeling and see if they can help you.

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