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I am a new carer for my loved one and I miss our old life

I am a new carer for my loved one and I miss our old life

Why don’t you try? : Encourage them to do the things they used to love

  • Encourage the person to continue spending time with other people and to take part in meaningful activities that do not rely as much on memory, such as word or number games.
  • If the person has forgotten aspects of their faith that used to be important to them, think of other aspects of worship that they might still enjoy or respond to. For example, they may still enjoy religious music and songs, and may take comfort in holding or wearing symbols of their faith. There may also be religious rituals or practices that they have always followed which they can still take part in or watch, either in person or online.
  • Try incorporating some sensory engagement into reminiscence work. Sensory engagement is an area of dementia care increasingly recognised to relax and encourage communication. You can find lots of different soundscapes online, such as sounds from the seaside, or sounds from a woodland. You can combine these soundscapes with corresponding scents, using room sprays, perfumes or scented candles.
  • Keep the person active with “over-learned” tasks. There are many activities that older people might have over-learned through repetition during their lifetimes. These might include playing an instrument, doing puzzles, crocheting, or other handicrafts that their hands can almost “do by themselves. These activities, especially those involving music, can be especially therapeutic.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Create some new memories with your loved one together, such as going on holiday, Think about and adapt an old activity you used to do together or take part in a new activity together,

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