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COVID Support

It has never been a more difficult time to be a carer. COVID has impacted all of our daily lives and we've had to learn a new 'normal'.

Bridgit helps carers stay up-to-date on government guidelines relating to the pandemic, as well as advising on how best to care for vulnerable people and stop the spread.

Use the tabs above to find out about local services, helpful solutions, and national carer support. Or ask our Bridgit Chat anything you want.
Helping you find support
Local Services

Select a category to find local carer support services to help you or your loved one.
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Signposting to useful solutions

As a Social Enterprise, Bridgit is always looking to identify and provide products and services to help carers and their loved ones.

Here is a selection of solutions that will help you navigate our 'new normal'.
Connect to the support you need
National Support

There are some fantastic carer support organisations out there.

At Bridgit, we signpost carers to helpful services and resources that promote the interests of carers and their loved ones.

Here are some carer support organisations that we feel could help you.

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