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I’m not sure what life insurance there is available for me

I’m not sure what life insurance there is available for me

Why don’t you try? : Find guidance on life insurance

Life is complicated and can be unpredictable, and so different types of life insurance have been created that match your needs.
Types of life insurance:
Term life insurance is a life cover policy that runs for a specified amount of time, or ‘term’ Whole life insurance is – like the name suggests – a life cover policy that is in place until you die.
Joint life insurance is life cover for yourself and your partner in one policy. Over 50s life cover are usually whole life policies for people within a specific age bracket beyond 50.
Critical illness cover is sometimes an option to put aside a portion of your pay out that you could use if you suffer a pre-determined critical illness. Terminal illness cover can pay out early if you are diagnosed from a terminal illness, from which you will die within a projected, limited amount of time.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Research and compare different life insurance types and quotes , speak to your friends and family for advice about life insurance they have , Look online at certified websites such as the at what to look for with life insurance, make an appointment with a financial advisor for advice and information,

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