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I think my loved one may have been scammed

I think my loved one may have been scammed

Why don’t you try? : How to help my loved one who has been scammed

Raise the subject with them sensitively & perhaps by asking them about the calls and mail they receive.
See if they might be willing to register for the Mail Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service to help block some of the calls and mail.
Help them to report the fraud.
You can report fraud to Action Fraud on behalf of someone, or encourage them to report it. It’s advised that you get permission from the victim before reporting the fraud on their behalf, but you can report the fraud without their permission.
Find support locally.
The government has advised that internet scams, postal scams and doorstep crime are all forms of financial abuse and are often targeted at adults who need care and support.
If you’re concerned that an adult who needs care and support has been affected by a scam you can raise your concerns with the local council’s adult social services department. They will make safeguarding enquiries and work with the adult to consider the action that needs to be taken.

Source: Age UK
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Seek support and information from online fraud agencies such as , Speak to your loved one as soon as possible about how they can protect themselves from fraud and scams, Install or add any required security items/features that may be needed to prevent this from reoccurring., Report to any relevant organisations such as the police, local safeguarding team about any fraud or scams that may have occurred.,

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