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I want to reduce the amount of time I spend caring

I want to reduce the amount of time I spend caring

Why don’t you try? : Stopping or reducing your caring role

If the condition of the person you’ve been caring for deteriorates and you’re no longer able to provide the care they need, then it’s time to think about arranging a different system of care.
The person you look after may require more support than you have the time or energy to give.
Ask their local social services department to assess or reassess their care needs. Their changing health needs may entitle them to more services and support at home than before.

Get a carer’s assessment for yourself too, as you may be entitled to extra support.
If, however, the person you care for needs more intensive care, they may need to consider the possibility of moving into sheltered housing or a care home. This is a big decision and you should both take the time to look at all the options open to you.
Think about other types of housing that may be suitable, such as extra-care sheltered housing.

Source: Age UK
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Book an appointment with a member of the Bridgit Carer Coach team, Enquire and book a Needs Assessment with the relevant Local Authority regarding your loved ones support and financial needs., Enquire and book a Carers Assessment with your Local Authority or Local Carers Service regarding support you need as a carer., Speak to family and relevant health and social professionals about what other options of care providers are available,

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