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They are unable to do their gardening

They are unable to do their gardening

Why don’t you try? : Find out how to help keep their garden in shape

If your loved one wants to keep gardening themselves and is able to, you could look into finding some equipment to help them.
There’s a range of equipment to help, examples include:

  • Knee pads to help when kneeling down
  • Easy grip gardening tools
  • Ergonomic garden hose nozzles that you don’t have to keep pressing the handle on to use
  • No-bend weed grabbers
  • Rolling garden seat or garden rocker

Find a gardener
If they can no longer tend to the garden and need some help, you could use online directory sites like Check A Trade and Yell to search for local gardening services. You could also ask a local friend or neighbour to see if they can recommend you any companies they have used.

Garden maintenance for elderly or disabled council tenants
Contact your council to find out whether they offer a garden maintenance service for elderly or disabled council tenants.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Decide if any assistance or gardening aids are required, If it is beyond their ability to maintain their garden, speak to family and friends for help, look for a local gardening service or ask the local authority for assistance within part of their needs assessment,

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