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My loved one has autism and lives in their own world, I feel alone and unable to help them

Why don’t you try? : Find ways to connect with your loved one who has autism

The National Autistic Society has pages on how we can make leisure activities more accessible for autistic people. From engaging in sports to going to museums, cinemas and theatres, you can find more information on leisure on their webpage. You can find out more and try some of those activities together, so that you can connect with your loved one.

The National Autistic Society also has useful guides for navigating family relationships, and advice for parents, siblings, and children on how to support their autistic family member. Consider looking through these to help you find out how to navigate your relationship with your loved one so you can feel connected.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Share your feeling of loneliness with at least one person, Speak to any assigned health professional about ways you can try and get involved in their world, such as through play or activities,

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