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I’m worried their heating may break down

I’m worried their heating may break down

Why don’t you try? : Make a plan in case their heating breaks down

This video from British Gas can help guide you through the steps you can take when your heating breaks down, to see if its something that you can fix:
If its not something that you can fix, make sure you have the contact details of their gas and electricity provider noted down somewhere that they can easily access so they can call an engineer for further help. Consider contacting them before any issues arise to find out what you should do if your heating breaks down, and make sure your loved one knows as well.

Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Find out this week what heating system is in place and if there is any boiler cover., Create an action plan for what would happen in the event of a heating breakdown., Gather the contact details of local handy people who may be able to help if required.,

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