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I’m worried about the costs of planning a funeral

I’m worried about the costs of planning a funeral

Why don’t you try? : Consider what funeral costs there may be and start thinking about which funeral options you want to take

You may be arranging a funeral while coping with grief and feeling you must act quickly, and with little or no recent experience. Some people have strong ideas about what a funeral should be like and what a good send-off should be.
It’s worth considering the following points:

  • Choose a funeral that is affordable and is right for the person who has died. It’s unlikely that the person who has died would want you to get yourself into debt to pay for the funeral or fees stressed about the finances. It’s not wrong or disrespectful to give thought to funeral costs.
  • Get at least two quotes, perhaps from an independent funeral director and one from a chain. Many people choose to use a funeral director and they can give helpful guidance. But remember they are a business and their fees can be the most expensive part of a funeral.
  • More expensive options don’t make a better funeral. As well as the type of funeral and which funeral director you may use, optional extras affect the cost. Words, music and actions can be more meaningful than expensive cars and coffins.

Source: Money Advice Service
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Research into funeral plans with your local funeral director and your loved one, You may be eligible for a Funeral Grant, speak to the bereavements service helpline for more information ,

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