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I need help providing transport for my loved one

I need help providing transport for my loved one

Why don’t you try? : Find help providing transport for your loved one

Age UK runs door to door transport services for older people in some parts of the country. These either take the form of:

  • Wheelchair-accessible minibus services
  • Befriending schemes, where the befriender is a travelling companion for an older person
    In other areas, Age UK may be able to help older people to arrange transport with a local provider, such as Dial-a-Bus or the Royal Voluntary Service. There may be a small charge to cover the cost of petrol.
  • Older people who are frail and have mobility problems, or are living in particularly isolated locations with limited or infrequent public transport are usually given priority.
    Transport services will usually take older people to these places:
  • To attend GP or hospital appointments
  • To go the shops (through escorted shopping services)
  • To visit a loved one in hospital or at a care home

If an older person is attending one of our lunch clubs or is going to our day centres we may be able to assist with transport to and from the event, usually by minibus.

Source: Age UK
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Look into local groups that organise transport for your loved one to go to their medical appointments, Look into local groups that provide transport for your loved one to go to local recreational and social activities or contact Motability for travel help,

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