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I need help providing personal care to my loved one, I don’t know what I am doing

I need help providing personal care to my loved one, I don’t know what I am doing

Why don’t you try? : Try taking a course that can inform you about caring

You might find that studying online is easier to fit in around caring than a classroom based course. Have a look at these online courses, some of them are just for carers and many of them are free.

Courses to help you if you are caring for someone with dementia

There are courses specially for carers who look after someone with dementia, see online training for dementia carers.

Courses to help you build your confidence in caring

Your local carers services may run sessions or groups that can build your confidence and help you cope with your caring role.

Caring for adults

Caring for adults is an introductory course for anyone in a caring role, either paid or unpaid. It builds on what you already know to give you a better understanding of your role as a carer. It also supports your own wellbeing by giving you some ideas and information about looking after yourself and dealing with stress.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Think about what help you need and look for training or support to help you, such as your local carers service, local authority or GP, Speak to your loved one and ask them what they would like you to do and how,

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