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I need help lifting and moving my loved one

I need help lifting and moving my loved one

Why don’t you try? : Find equipment to help with lifting/moving your loved one

If your loved one struggles with getting up or moving around, there might be gadgets or equipment to help make life easier.
There’s a range of equipment to help, examples include:

Getting out of bed or out of a chair

  • A rail you attach to the bed (grab rail)
  • Straps to help you lift your leg (leg lifters)
  • Things to raise your bed
  • Reclining chairs

Walking around

  • Walking stick, tripod or tetrapod
  • Walking frame
  • Rollator
  • Kitchen trolley

How to get gadgets and equipment

  • Gadgets and equipment can be small or big, and costs vary. These websites will give you an idea of the types of equipment available, what they cost and where to buy them.
  • Living Made Easy
  • Ask Sara

How your council can help

Your local council offers a service that assesses your home and recommends equipment or adaptations. Having a home assessment is free.
Your council should pay for equipment that costs less than £1,000. Ask social services at your local council about getting a home assessment.
A home assessment might also identify home adaptations that would make life easier for you.

Getting a grant

If you need it for an illness or disability, you might be able to get a grant to help with the costs.
Independence at Home has grants for disabled people and those with a long-term illness.

Hiring or loaning equipment

You might want to hire equipment, for example to see if it’s right for you before buying, if you only need it for a short while or you need it to take on holiday.
Try searching online for:

  • Specialist disability equipment hire
  • Local disability equipment suppliers

Source: NHS
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Assess where there is difficulty and look into purchasing assistance aids directly or speak to your local authority/occupational therapist for a home assessment. There are aids around the home available such as hoists, stand aids, turners etc that they may be able to recommend and provide if you meet requirements ,

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