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I need help cooking/providing meals for my loved one

I need help cooking/providing meals for my loved one

Why don’t you try? : Try a meal or ingredient delivery service

As you age, following a nutritious diet is essential to reduce your chronic disease risk and maintain good health.

However, many older adults may find it difficult to prepare nutrient-dense meals themselves, which may lead to nutritional frailty a condition characterised by loss of muscle mass and strength. This may make them more susceptible to injury and illness.

Plus, older adults who don’t have the energy or ability to shop or cook may eat more convenience foods like fast food and frozen dinners. A high intake of these processed foods may harm health and shorten life span.

That’s why healthy meal delivery services are a good option for some older adults. They deliver meals and ingredients straight to your door and are easy to prepare.

SOURCE: Health Line

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Look into food delivery services such as online grocery orders from a supermarket that can deliver to your loved one’s home, or ready meal providers that deliver to your loved one’s home. , Ask a friend of relative for food and meal suggestions,

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