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I feel guilty about using respite care

I feel guilty about using respite care

Why don’t you try? : Try these tips to not feel guilty about using respite care

Despite respite care’s value as a worry-free solution, some caregivers sometimes still feel guilty about using it. Sadly, this type of guilt can be harmful to both the caregiver and their loved one.
Fortunately, there are helpful steps you can take to reduce the guilt and enjoy the benefits that respite care offers to all concerned. Senior care specialists say that familiarity, confidence and communications are often at the heart of reducing caregiver guilt and making respite care a trusted option in your caregiving resources.

Ways to reduce respite care guilt include:

Meet with respite care providers & by talking with the respite care staff, taking a tour of the location and learning about the services provided, you can relieve your uneasiness and build confidence in using the services when needed.
Involve your loved one in respite care discussions & You can eliminate much of your guilt about using respite care by involving your loved one right from the start. Calmly discuss your personal needs for some time off and explain how respite care works.
Share a brochure or other information about respite care with your loved one and emphasize that their safety, comfort and care are your top priorities. Visit a respite care provider with your loved one and have lunch there with a staff member who can answer questions and put both of you at ease.
Stay connected when using respite care & you can check in frequently by phone when your loved one is in respite care to allay your fears and reduce any feelings of guilt. And if there are any concerns, a member of the care team will always be happy to address them for you. Sometimes, any change can take some getting used to for older adults, but experience shows that most enjoy the change of scenery, fun activities and new friends that a respite stay offers.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Arrange to meet/chat with respite care providers beforehand to help any unease you may have., Talk this week with your loved one about them using respite care, finding out what they would and wouldn’t like and maybe arrange a visit to the respite care facility together.,

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