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I feel guilty about my loved one moving out of their home

I feel guilty about my loved one moving out of their home

Why don’t you try? : Moving your loved one out of their home

If you’ve made the difficult decision to move your loved one to a nursing home or another facility, it’s possible you’re struggling with guilt about this change. You may also be grieving several losses that resulted from this decision or struggling to adjust to the changes in your lifestyle. No doubt your decision to place your family member in a facility was not made lightly. You likely took into account many factors. Sometimes, these decisions are taken out of our hands by emergent situations or health concerns. Other times, the decision to admit your loved one to a nursing home is an inch by inch one, with multiple family members weighing in, physicians giving advice and warnings, and neighbours encouraging you to take the next step.
While there’s turmoil as the decision is made, it doesn’t always stop just because someone is admitted into a facility. In fact, it can continue or even increase as the caregiver has to learn to loosen his or her hold on the minute details that he or she is so used to taking care of for her loved one.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Speak to the care home to arrange a visit before your loved one moves in., Talk to your loved one this week about the transition into residential/nursing care and share any concerns,

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