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I don’t know what services are available to help the person I care for with autism

I don’t know what services are available to help the person I care for with autism

Why don’t you try? : Find services to help you care for a loved one with autism

Where to get Support: Friends and family. Telling people close to you about your or your child’s autism diagnosis can help them understand what this means. They may be able to help with:
everyday things so you have more time to focus on yourself or your child
emotional support.
National charities: National Autistic Society
For parents of autistic children, young autistic people and autistic adults.
Ambitious about Autism
For autistic children and young people, their parents and carers.
It may also help to listen to other people’s experiences of autism on
Local support groups:
The assessment team that diagnosed you or your child should give you information on local support groups.
You can also search for local groups using:
the National Autistic Society services directory
autism support groups on the NHS website
Social media and forums:
There are many people with experience of autism offering support and sharing their stories on forums and social media.
You do not have to talk to others in online groups, but it can be helpful to look at what they’re saying.

Source: NHS
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Have a needs assessment for the person who has autism., Look at possible respite care services available., Research possible autism friendly activities in the area such as autism friendly cinema screenings., Speak to the local authority social services team about wanting to know what services and opportunities are available.,

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