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How will I know if my loved one has had a fall

How will I know if my loved one has had a fall

Why don’t you try? : Find out when your loved one has had a fall

Finding out when your loved one has had a fall
Telecare services use technology to support people to live safely and independently in their own homes. Telecare includes falls or motion sensors and personal alarms, which can contact response teams or family members and friends.

Community Alarms (also called pendant alarms)
If you are worried about falling while you are alone at home, you might like to think about getting a community alarm (sometimes called a personal alarm). Community alarms allow you to call for help even if you can’t reach a telephone.

You contact a 24-hour response centre by pressing a button on a pendant or wristband (these can be in the form of a watch, such as the Bridgit Watch) that you wear all the time while you are at home. This is either linked to your phone or can operate alone, using its own mobile signal (like the Bridgit Watch). If you have a fall and need some help, you press the button and it will alert your loved ones or the staff at the response centre, who will try to get in touch with you through the telephone. Staff at the centre will then call out the best person to help you & a neighbour, relative or friend, or the emergency services. In some areas there is also a mobile team who will come and help you up from the floor.

Many local councils run community alarm schemes. There is usually a charge for this service. Please contact your council for more information. In most places you will need a telephone line in your house to use the service (unless you are using a device such as the Bridgit Watch, which is a standalone device with its own mobile network connectivity).

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Check for bruises, injuries or confusion with the person you care for if you think a fall has occurred, Check any falls technology installed such as the Bridgit Falls Watch data information, Check the security of the home and make any necessary adaptations, Speak to your family about preventative measures such as falls technology or home hazard and falls checklists, Arrange a home hazard assessment with the Local Authority or your local AgeUK, Speak to your Local Authority or their GP, Evaluate the support routine you have and whether there needs to be changes to the routine to ensure safety,

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