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How carers can use heart-based techniques to tackle anxiety and stress​

Karen Richards - Techniques for tackling anxiety and stress as a carer

Unpaid carers are reaching breaking point. They are often overlooked and under-supported.

They are dealing with issues that include accessing Carer's allowance, Covid 19 vaccinations, and the day-to-day challenges of being a carer, it’s no wonder that carers are struggling with anxiety, burnout, and depression.

In response to this, we set up a webinar with Karen Richards, a heart-math certified coach, and retired NHS nurse.

This is to introduce carers to simple but effective techniques to increase their energy and vitality, reduce anxiety and stress, and take back control of their lives. Karen uses simple and scientifically valid heart-based techniques which take the intensity out of stress and worry, creating increased energy and mental clarity.

Play Video about Bridgit Care - Karen Richards webinar tackling anxiety and stress

Taking just minutes to do will make seemingly impossible problems to solve much more manageable. Giving carers the tools they need to live fulfilled and happy lives.


Play Video about Karen Richards - quick stress release exercise