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i would like to start a new training course

i would like to start a new training course

Why don’t you try? : Find a training course for you

Training courses
If you’re trying to work out whether any particular training courses would be suitable for the types of jobs you want, you could get in touch with the National Careers Service. They have advisers who can provide information and guidance on skills and learning.
Alternatively, you could search for specific courses on the National Careers Service website , or speak to any local schools, colleges or universities to see if they run any suitable courses .
Sometimes local advice agencies, like carers’ organisations, might know of any local training courses that are suitable for carers.
If you need some help with the cost of any courses, then you could try the following:

  • If you are still looking after someone, you could have a carers assessment
  • There are sometimes grants you can apply for & you could see if there are any local grants by contacting a local advice agency, such as a carers’ organisation & you could also run a more general grants search with a charity called Turn 2 Us who have a database of lots of different grant giving organisations
  • There are sometimes specific education grants and bursaries that you can apply for & the website has some information on this for adult learners
  • Local educational establishments sometimes offer discounts to people on certain benefits, so if you are claiming benefits or are on a low income, it is worth finding out what discounts or concessions your local educational establishments offer.

Source: Carers UK
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Write down what training course would interest you., Look online this week at the different courses available from, local adult learning centre, local college, local university and their eligibility., Visit the national careers service website to look for a training courses near you and what you are interested in.,

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