Bridgit carer resource pack

carer resource pack

Being a carer can be hard to navigate at times; trying to learn the ins and outs of caring can seem really daunting. Figuring this out alongside making time to take care of yourself is by no means an easy task. That’s why the Bridgit Team have developed the Bridgit carer resource pack. It is designed by carers, for carers. It is a complete pack of information, tools, and guidance to help you as an unpaid carer in the UK. This easy to read, downloadable pack will provide information about supporting the five main areas of a carer’s well-being.

This pack covers




Your caring role

Your personal and social life

By creating this carer resource pack, alongside our other Bridgit Care resources, we provide help for carers to keep caring remotely, care for themselves, and keep their loved ones in their own homes for longer.