Do you worry about Mum, Dad, or another loved one living alone?

Bridgit Home Hub makes it easy to check-in no matter where you are, giving peace of mind for the whole family.

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Get peace of mind for the whole family in our free trial.

Bridgit Home Hub allows you to check-in with a loved one living alone. 

It is powerful yet simple to install so your loved one doesn’t even need the internet.

Bridgit Home Hub - how it works
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Stay connected with your loved one.

No matter where you are, all family members using Bridgit App can see how your loved one is getting on.

Bridgit App - easily checkin with loved ones

We understand that older people want to retain their independence and be in the place they want to be.

We also understand that caring is hard and that you can’t be with your loved one 24/7 when they live alone.

With Bridgit you can check-in with your loved one to see if they are happy and healthy no matter where you are.

They’re reassured that even when you are not physically with them, you are supporting them.

Bridgit User

“I wasn’t really well and was depressed before I got Bridgit.

It really helped me asking “how are you feeling today” because it made me think about how I really was feeling and to do something about it.

I spoke with my sister and she really helped by making me get up and do things.”

Lynn | Bridgit Home Hub owner 

Kingston Upon Hull

How the Home Hub works

Bridgit Care - how bridgit works for carers
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Bridgit - family carer

“A while ago we were trying to get in touch with Uncle but he wasn’t answering his phone.

We live a bit away from him so we were a little worried. It’s only when we drove round we found he was actually okay and his phone had just died.

Now we have Bridgit installed we know he’s in and moving around the house without having to call him.”

Angela | Carer

Kingston Upon Hull

How can you join this free trial?

The Bridgit trial is being offered to family carers and their loved ones in the Sheffield area.

We’re offering places on a first come first served basis.

To qualify you need to meet the following:



* We’re aware that an individual may be caring for more than one person. They can be included if they meet the loved one criteria.

** We understand that more than one person can be involved in caring for a loved one. They can also be included if they meet the family carer criteria.

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If you would like to get involved but still have questions please get in touch here as soon as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Besides helping residents to live independently at home, they can bring peace of mind to individuals and loved ones that you are being effectively supported at home.They could be used to support people who are leaving hospital but need to be monitored.
  • The Home Hub units have been developed with the support of NHS England and are a small portable unit that can attach to your fridge at home, using a series of sensors all in one unit, can monitor your home conditions as well as allowing for simple messaging between you and your loved one.

Features include:

  • Monitor home conditions – keep track of your air quality, temperature, and humidity.
  • Monitor Physical Health.
  • Monitor feelings and mental health.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Set and send alerts – ranging from reminders for things like:
    • – long-term medication,
    • – appointment reminders
    • – news headlines 
    • – questions about whether you need any assistance with your daily activities, and
    • can also alert carers and/or loved ones to changes in your day-to-day activities. 
  • Send simple text messages.
  • Carer check-in – to record when a carer has last visited you if you have one.
  • If you and they agree to it, your family and friends can get alerts and view your information in the Bridgit App on their mobile phones. 

    As you are linked to your carer, friends and or family, any calls initiated from your watch by you will be passed through to your loved ones and if they are unavailable be diverted to other carers to ensure you get a response.

  • It will help the City of York Council provide technology which could help around 20,000 local residents live more independently and stay at home for longer. 

    By taking part and sharing your experiences of the Home Hub or Watch, it will help us understand how technology can improve how authorities look after residents across the city.

  • To support you and other residents stay safely independent.

  • City of York Council want to find out if the Home Hub:
    • – can improve your overall health and wellbeing
    • – can help us support you to live independently for longer 
    • – help loved ones feel more informed and able to support the care you need
    • – be in a better position to decide if we should invest further in this technology.
  • All we need you to do is allow us to provide you with a Home Hub or Watch technology to either place in your home or wear, which will feed data to us so we can understand how they work for you and if this is something we should invest in for the future.

  • We would also capture your feedback on how you found the technology. 

    If we cannot complete a successful trial with enough participants, then we will never get to understand if technology can help us look after residents better.

  • If you decide to join the trial, we will either provide you with a Home Hub or Watch, depending on your needs. 

    After this all you need to do is visit the website and register with our partners at Bridgit Care (Upstream Health).

  • During the trial you may be asked to answer a few questions from our partners at Bridgit Care and after the trial, we will ask you questions about your experience which will help in providing the most suitable care through technology going forward.
  • We will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and provide you with a Home Hub or Watch 3 months.

    We will then ask you and your loved ones about the experience of using the Home Hub or Watch.

  • The home hubs can be placed on your fridge or in a suitable position in your home. There is no need for the internet and after first charge, there is minimal set up.Depending on frequency of use, ie messages and alerts, the Home Hub will need to be charged every couple of weeks, it will alert you when the battery is low.

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