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Our service includes:

– Care Coach: An amazing experience where you the carer can speak to one of our specialist care coaches to get quick and in-depth guidance.

– Trial: Our trial team will be here to ensure that any questions you may have about the trial will be answered and for you to provide your feedback to improve our products.

We’re looking forward to meeting you


Please note all information and advice provided will be free, confidential and impartial. If we do not have the advice you need at your time of booking, we will endeavour to provide you with this information within 5 days, either via email or follow up appointment booking.

If we require more information from you to give you the tailored information you need, we may need to arrange a further appointment with you.

 At times, we may not be able to provide the exact advice you are looking for, in this case we will direct you to the most appropriate service, explaining what they do and how they can help. We can also provide a referral on your behalf if you require.