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Bridgit Care are a Social Enterprise based in Yorkshire. We are supported by NHS England to help family carers like you.

We are providing a free online support tool for all carers across the UK.

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Carer Wellbeing

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Meet Jillian your Care Coach

  • ✔️ Caring role
  • ✔️ Employment support
  • ✔️ Finances & Benefits
  • ✔️ Your own health
  • ✔️ Your time & hobbies

Time to complete

🕒 15 - 20 Minutes

Working Carers

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Meet Natalie your Work and Carer coach

  • ✔️ Work life balance
  • ✔️ Care affecting work
  • ✔️ Reducing your hours
  • ✔️ Ending your caring role
  • ✔️ Leaving work

Time to complete

🕒 5 - 10 Minutes

Young Carers

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Meet Sophie your Young Carers Coach

  • ✔️ Education
  • ✔️ Health & Diet
  • ✔️ Social Life & Relationships
  • ✔️ Mental Health
  • ✔️ Finances

Time to complete

🕒 5 - 10 Minutes

How it works?

Answer a few questions

Tailored support videos

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How we use your data?

Our support tool captures data from you in order to create your personal support plan.

Through this tool we capture information such as the areas you'd like support with, medications and conditions you'd like advice with, and your location so we can find local events and services close to you.

By using our tool you are consenting to provide this information in order to receive your personalised support plan.

When you reach your report page you'll also have the option to provide your email address.

If you decide to provide it and submit your address to us, then you'll receive regular support emails from the Bridgit Care team with things like upcoming events, new caring advice or services.

At anytime if you decide you no longer want to receive support emails you can just click 'Unsubscribe' on any of the support mails.

You can also review our Privacy Policy and GDPR policy for further information and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns on

Within the Privacy Policy you will see specific information that relates to this Online Support tool, including details of the information we capture and how we use this information.

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